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We're a multi-disciplined team of software engineers, consultants, and designers who specialize in web, mobile and hybrid applications, complex systems and tailor-made software solutions. Our professional approach consistently delivers high-quality solutions in a timely manner that fits within your development budget.

Our goal is to create forward-thinking solutions that solve complicated business problems while also providing an excellent user experience.

Our culture is based on professional, motivated and friendly people that share the same passion about software. We keep it warm in our igloo so you’ll always feel welcome. We care and celebrate your big moments, from professional to private. Furthermore, we never miss an opportunity to throw confetti around. Whenever you're stuck or need a lending ear, a little blue duck is there to listen. Or if you prefer human help, we got you covered even there. Together we can. Show patience, respect and keep an open mind, and you’ll grow just fine alongside us. You know the saying: “There is no I in team”. We’re not just talking about stretching here and there. We’ve got you covered when you want to work from home. Office lovers or home lovers, you can balance both. From knowledge seekers to personal growth seekers, our educational budget takes care of all. Don’t shy away from always wanting to learn more and to build your skills.

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Trenutno nema otvorenih pozicija 😕


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    Pozitivna radna atmosfera potiče otvorenost, kreativnost i slobodnu komunikaciju. O svim idejama se uvijek može raspraviti, te se u svaki projekt ulazi timski. Projekti su izazovni i zanimljivi, te se ne premješta osobe s projekta na projekt. Podrška od drugih je uvijek tu, te kontinuirano dobivamo feedback o radu.