O tvrtci

WHO WE ARE: As d.labs team, we work in partnership with startups, we act as a part of their team and together we co-create and develop a product or a business idea at the very beginning. BENEFITS: d.labs is a growth culture, not a perk culture! 🟣 Your work location is your business We are a distributed company with a remote-first philosophy. Still if you want you can stop by Ljubljana or Maribor offices in Slovenia … but you can work from Tenerife like some of our colleagues do, not a problem! 🟣 A healthy culture built on candid relationships We forge authentic and long-lasting relationships. Knowing that nothing kills a company culture like lack of transparency or treating people as resources, we focus on creating an environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and safe to be themselves. 🟣 Making a global impact We work with founders whose businesses address global pain points across diverse markets. This gives our people the opportunity to influence millions of users with the products they build. 🟣 Lean career paths Our people’s ambitions are not necessarily focused on climbing up the ladder in one domain. We’re mostly T-shaped people that work well in cross-functional product development teams and like to wear a different “hat” every once in a while. We are encouraged to grow and learn continuously, supported by company processes. 🟣 Use of emerging technologies We’re not afraid of the uncertainty that comes with working with emerging tech like blockchain, ML and AI. We move beyond the hype and try to discover technology’s true potential to transform. 🟣 Agile organisation At d.labs we adapted Spotify’s world-famous Scaling Agile model to best fit our organisation’s needs. Instead of the traditional top-down hierarchy, we use squads, tribes, chapters and guilds to run our business. It may sound odd at first, but you’ll immediately learn to love it.


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