O tvrtci

ClstrLobe is a data science company founded on the promise of transforming the invisible into valuable. We are here to discover hidden values in data and to transform all data potentials into responses to real-world problems. 👨‍🌾 Our current mission is to bring worldwide farmers one step closer to meeting future food demand! With the account of numerous relevant data collected from the ground and above, we are modeling intelligent assistance for reaching the maximum field's potential. With our data-intelligent solution, we are discovering hidden patterns in nature to support farmers in making timely and precise decisions. It is an exciting time of growth for ClstrLobe. We exist in an area that is still considerably unknown; our every task is a leap into uncertainty and an opportunity to pioneer something revolutionary. Our team is a curious bunch on a mission to share our knowledge and create disruptive solutions. We are bits of data, science, business, technology, and all the others who live and breathe creative, innovative and smart empowerment. We are fueled by data, gathered by curiosity and driven by the challenge!


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