Typeqast d.o.o.

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Typeqast is a Dutch software development and design agency with headquarters in Amsterdam and R&D units in Croatia, Serbia and Romania. We are a remote-first company, meaning that every employee can choose between work from home and office in any ratio. Our work is oriented towards international clients, mostly coming from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries for various industries (finance, crypto, health, transportation etc.) The company currently counts around 115 employees from various fields (.NET, Java, PHP, Frontend, QA, DevOps, Low code and others) and is continuously growing as there are more and more open positions. The core values in Typeqast are open and transparent communication, as well as personal growth (through education and project work) which is achieved through constant emphasis on feedback to and from the management. With that in mind, Typeqast is working towards being the best software agency in Croatia, which is best represented in our motto: “Together. Unstoppable.”

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