Eidos (Gruppo Euris)d.o.o.

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Eidos is a company of Croatian law and entirely Italian capital - GRUPPO EURIS, founded with the aim of providing software development skills and competences to companies in the IT sector. Our teams collaborate with our customers to design and implement complex and innovative turnkey IT solutions.OUR MISSION Our mission is to prepare people to tackle enterprise-wide projects that help our Clients, multinationals and industry leaders, to do their business everyday. Want to see how and what’s behind the scenes? We are committed to work with you in this direction and to teach you a real job. We show you the Information Technology that makes the world go round: the IT we deal with moves ships, connects international e-commerces, manage huge amount of financial data.. Our IT is the one of the industry leaders. WE OFFER We drive people in a training course structured and thought, from training to the professional achievement to reach a quality of work which results in serious, stable, deep and professional working relationships. Respect for people, work environment that promotes work-life balance, growth opportunities and much more. Quality of work is quality of life. LOOKING FOR It doesn’t matter what is your educational paths, we are looking for passionate and motivated people to grow and learn within a talented team. Join us! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gruppo Euris is a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the Italian and European market with over 30 years of experience. The Group has +450 employees and 6 offices in Italy and Europe. With strategic partnerships and 6 different Brands specialized in the various sectors of Information Technology, Gruppo Euris provides solutions and services with high added value that help the customer to increase their value by optimizing and improving their business processes, thanks to a 360 ° and modular offer: - Development & Consulting - Agile Transformation & Atlassian - ERP Consulting - ICT Governance & Cybersecurity - IoT & Industry 4.0 - Customer & Shopping Experience The Euris Group is today one of the most important suppliers of IT solutions and services in the Italian landscape, also present in the ranking of the Top100 software companies.

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