O tvrtci

At, we're developing a business process automation platform using RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Software robots, or digital teammates, take over repetitive administrative tasks from humans by mimicking their actions on computers.

Every organization has lots of manual processes that are often time-consuming and inefficient, such as:

- Retyping data from one application to another

- Compiling reports and documents

- Copying files

- Processing customer requests, etc.

Our RPA tool, a digital teammate, is an addition to the human workforce, a technology that works alongside people, giving our tasks more value and making our lives easier. Now, employees can focus on other aspects of their job, do it faster and more efficiently. The most important outcome is, in fact, employees' satisfaction and the company's scalability.

RPA is fast, easy to implement, and produces very measurable effects. Also, it doesn't make significant changes to the existing IT environment.

According to Gartner, RPA is the fastest growing enterprise software segment today.


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