System Engineer

CROZ d.o.o.

O poziciji

System engineers are engaged in activities falling within the scope of planning, analysing and organizing the process of implementation and integration of various IT components in complex enterprise environments. This often includes other system engineering activities as well, such as taking care of the security aspects of services, backup, implementation, integration, upgrading the infrastructure and filling in technical documentation. CROZ’s system engineers work with a variety of deluxe technologies and gala operating systems (Windows, Linux, AIX, zOS) and adapt to the user’s operating environment.

Minimalne kvalifikacije

Desirable characteristics and skillsets for a candidate are the following:

  • Experience with implementing operating systems, databases, LDAP servers, application servers and other products on various platforms;
  • Understanding the hardware and software basics of the systems at hand;
  • Basic knowledge of writing scripts or programming in one of the typical programming languages;
  • Familiarity with the basics of network infrastructure;
  • The desire to learn and be mentored by experienced professionals;
  • Advanced independent problem-solving skills;
  • Affinity for automation and simplification of procedures and processes in enterprise environments;
  • Big plus is the experience with containers, container orchestration and migration from monolithic systems to containers.