Greyp Bikesd.o.o.

O tvrtci

We are Greyp bikes - a tech company that designs, engineers, and produces high-end electric bicycles with advanced technology and performance. Our story is strongly connected to our sister company Rimac Automobili, the producer of the world's most powerful electric car. the key to our success lies in the fact that we strive to change everyday lives for the better by focusing on fields we strive in - technology and mobility. From our humble beginnings in 2013 we have grown exponentially, which results in even bigger brainpower to make even better e-bikes! we believe that the e-bike is not a traditional bike with an electric motor, but a high-tech product that should capture all the potential of its electrical soul. that's why we start our design from the inside-out, not the other way around. The Greyp corporate offices are everything but corporate. they're a place where we all come together to think, exchange ideas, do some work and have fun while doing it. our production department is a place where all our dreams come to life and that gives us the motivation to push even further. We are not necessarily bikers. some of us are crazy about bikes, others are just occasional riders. but all of us are fascinated with technology. we don't shy away from using technology to upgrade the riding experience.


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