O poziciji

Your responsibilities

  • maintaining high-quality standards for projects, aligned with company’s guidelines (tech stack, performance, architecture, clean and high-quality code)
  • introducing new technologies and approaches into the company's frontend tech stack
  • validating other team members’ implementational approach
  • assisting other team members in their day to day tasks
  • continually improving your skills and bringing out the best in others
  • improving other team members’ coding abilities through code reviews, internal educations, and discussions, as well as by sharing external resources
  • cooperating with other teams (QA, creative, PM…) and project stakeholders to deliver value to the clients
  • consulting clients and bringing extra value to the project (raising any concerns and offering suggestions, technical support and advice)
  • being able to present your solutions in front of clients and/or a group of colleagues
  • rolling out new features, analyzing, and reacting to the results you learn about from our QA engineers and user feedback

Minimalne kvalifikacije

Our expectations:

  • at least 3 years of experience in the field as a frontend or full-stack developer
  • React experience (preferably modern hooks React and Next.js framework)
  • strong Typescript skills
  • experience with CSS-in-JS solutions (Emotion, styled-components, or similar) or good old (S)CSS
  • any kind of state management (Redux, React state)
  • data state, synchronization & SWR solutions (React Query)
  • proficiency in English and Croatian language (for domestic clients)
  • capable of handling new projects as well as improving upon existing ones
  • good knowledge of software architectures, design patterns, and best practices
  • good knowledge of Linux-based operating systems
  • good knowledge of git
  • good communication skills
  • a team player attitude
  • good self-organisation & researching ability
  • good knowledge of modern build pipelines and tools (CI/CD)
  • ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements