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Hi there!

We are in search of a motivated and talented individual to join our team and start solving all sorts of problems on interesting international projects.

As a Tech Lead, you will be the technical force behind our startup projects. Your impact will not only be felt in the lines of code but also in making strategic decisions that will steer our client's products toward success.

On a personal note, we are looking for a problem solver with a proactive ‘get things done’ attitude, who has confident and strong communication skills, thrives in fast-paced collaborative environments and is always eager to learn and embrace new challenges. A person who likes to inspire, influence, and share knowledge with people.

Here is what we had in mind for you:

  • Own architecture, design, and technology decisions across startup projects
  • Involve your team in research and POCs and challenge your teammates to propose solutions
  • Collaborate with the team to identify and solve challenging problems
  • Contribute to product discovery to identify feasible, high-impact solutions aligned with product objectives
  • Understand the technical complexity of implementing a proposed solution for the given product goal, analyze alternative approaches, and provide recommendations for the most suitable technical solution
  • Understand the client's organizational issues which negatively impact software development and suggest high-level improvements
  • Liaise with stakeholders to ensure projects are completed to the agreed technical standard
  • Lead by example through hands-on code contributions and support the team in working according to agreed agile principles
  • Contribute to software engineering best practices across the department
  • Support your colleagues by sharing your knowledge and insights openly and kindly
  • Support the pre-sales process by understanding the customer's pain points coming from the technical aspects of the product.

Who you are:

  • You have substantial, hands-on experience in software development in a team and a good understanding of the software product development lifecycle
  • You possess experience and understanding of startup environments and product development
  • You worked on multiple projects using various technologies and have a good understanding of which technology fits the use case and their dis/advantages related to given challenges
  • You have fluency in writing production-level code in at least a few of the tools of our tech stack (see below)
  • You have the ability to detach from a problem, see it from another perspective, and don’t go down the rabbit holes
  • You have strong and confident communication skills (written, verbal, presentation) and you can adapt it to the given audience (non-/technical, business, ...). Oh yes - all in English - sorry Yoda, no way around this one!
  • You like collaborating with people while building a product - be it your team or stakeholder
  • You thrive in taking ownership, tackling challenges, and achieving results
  • You contribute valuable recommendations and know how to influence the environment
  • You have a deep understanding of user-facing web applications, system design, and data structures and when to apply them
  • You are familiar with testing strategies and approaches (TDD, E2E, etc.) and know when and how to apply them for maximum benefit of the business
  • You have experience with deploying applications from the discovery phase up to scaling (simple setups up to AWS/GCP/Azure)
  • You have experience writing technical documentation (Design documents, RFC, ADR, …)

Our tech stack:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Python
  • Node.js based frameworks
  • Major FE JS frameworks (React.js, Angular, Vue, Svelte)
  • Serverless technologies (AWS STS, Firebase, Supabase, …)
  • Relational and NoSQL databases (Postgres, Mysql, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Firestore, ...)

Why you'll enjoy working at d.labs:

  • We collaborate on interesting international projects, trying to make a real difference
  • We are a remote-first organization, with coworkers from 10 different locations in the CET time zone
  • If you are from Slovenia then our development center in Ljubljana and a coworking office in Maribor will be available to you at all times, making it your choice to work from home or the office
  • We work flexible working hours and have a relaxed working environment
  • Instead of the traditional top-down hierarchy, we use tribes, and competencies to run our business (adapted from the Spotify model)
  • Our teams are cross-functional, focused on one project at a time, and include developers, product managers, QA engineers, and when needed also DevOps engineers and product designers, ensuring a collaborative and creative environment
  • We are proud of our teamwork and enjoy working with one another
  • Our senior experts and managers will be your mentors and allies in helping you achieve your goals
  • We offer fair pay, a transparent career and promotion plan
  • We have regular monthly 1 on 1 meetings with our managers
  • Our strong HR team is focused on our well-being, connectedness & development
  • We focus on internal learning in the form of mentorships, workshops, talks, and a process we call Competencies
  • We have a strong budget for learning courses & conferences
  • We love our events like multiple team buildings per year, Summer off-site, the New Year’s party, etc., both in person or, if this isn’t possible, online

Sounds exciting?

Send your CV over to and Staša Tovornik will get in touch with you asap!

After the first screening, we love to meet face to face, usually via a video chat, so that we can learn more about each other. If we see there is a mutual interest, we will ask you to spend some more time with us so we can get to know your skills better and showcase our culture and way of work to you.