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Senior UX/UI designer

Human interaction company d.o.o.

O poziciji

We are looking for a senior UX/UI designer.

One with an attitude. One with experience (that's the senior part). One that knows what a nice interface looks like (that's the UX/UI part).

We expect you to design complex web apps in a breeze, argument your stance and change it in case of good counter arguments.

We also expect you to be able to put yourself in the end-user's shoes and understand that we're doing it for them. We're not drawing paintings - we're creating meaningful digital interactions.

If designing websites and apps makes you smile - you're the human we're looking for.

Očekivanja od tebe na ovoj poziciji

Our expectations

For starters, the best way to meet some expectations is by making a list. Here’s what we expect from you:

  • Over 3 years of experience
  • Expertise in designing alluring and intuitive user experiences for a wide range of devices and interfaces
  • Know how to determine the information architecture of a digital product
  • Strong sense of which design elements will increase user interactions
  • Advanced communication skills, problem-solving skills, and ability to discuss design options
  • Experienced in working with developers, designers, and project managers
  • Exceptional attention to detail (the devil is in the details)
  • Figma power-user
  • BSc in design, digital media or other relevant fields

Bonus points:

  • Animation / motion design
  • Experience in conducting workshops
  • Good conceptualizing
  • Experience in creating interesting brands (branding)
  • A delicate sense of humor (or at least master of bad jokes that are cringeworthy)

Zašto je super raditi na ovoj poziciji

Our point of view

We choose technologies according to specific project needs. We don't use an axe to unwind a screw. If we get stuck, we don't beat our head against the wall - we Google, ask questions and learn new things.

We don't care who's in the office from 9 to 5. We don't have stop watches. What's important is a high quality of our deliveries.

We're not big on formalities either. Healthy, direct relationship and communication comes before anything. Solid arguments always win over hierarchy. "Bugger off" is fine as well.

When under a deadline, we grind our teeth and do the job. When not, we drink beer. Or we make our own. It’s good. Sometimes.

What's in it for you

A lot. Steady job in a company many people would like to work at. An opportunity to grow as high as a kite. Or at least as high as your skills and “I want more” take you. A team of people like you’ve never seen before. It’s amazing to be Human.

What about an office ping pong table?

Yes, we are fully aware that is not a thing anymore. Feel free to imagine we don't have one.

But there is a list of things we do promise and it's not too shabby. Here we go:

  • flexible hours, flexible location
  • a paycheck that defines itself based on what you bring to the table
  • extra off-days for the virtuous few
  • career switching possibilities
  • paid overtime (hard currency or equivalent in days off)
  • pet-friendly office (as long as you clean poop)
  • no open office spaces
  • opportunity to work on digital products used by many, maaaaany people
  • after-work social clubbing down in our cosy basement (optional if you're an introvert, that's fine too)
  • work equipment (this you knew was coming), with ample beer in the fridge (this you did not)

This list could have been three times longer, but who cares about fresh fruit in the office. It's more important that you can design your paycheck and your working hours, and that's something we can guarantee to you.

And no. You will not get a Tesla for your birthday. Yet.

Show us your work

Send us your portfolio at jobs@humaninteraction.com. But not just pretty pictures. Tell us about your projects. We want to know everything: what was your task, your approach, all the problems you've encountered along the way, solutions, variations. Really, everything.