QA Engineer

Ars Futura d.o.o.

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🔧 Knowing the technical stuff Let’s talk shop! Experience with at least one well-known framework for testing web applications is a must. So, we’re looking for someone who has worked with Selenium, Appium, or similar frameworks. You should also have a good knowledge of QA processes and methodologies and an understanding of programming practices and its fundamentals. 🐞 Writing & shipping quality code We want to create great products! To make this happen, we hire people who can write and ship clean and maintainable code. Anything you create should be able to scale and adapt. You should also have experience with Git, know your way around continuous integration, and be familiar with deployment. 🔎 Other skills Although the technical skills are the ones that make you an expert, your other skills make you the perfect match for Ars Futura. We’re looking for someone with a talent for problem-solving, a great eye for detail, and excellent knowledge of English. We’re also looking for someone who is a good communicator and doesn’t mind working in a team. Bonus points if you know a thing or two about Agile methodologies!

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A few things we would love for you to have: - experience with at least one well-known framework (Selenium, Appium, etc.) - understanding of QA processes & methodologies - an understanding of programming practices and fundamentals - familiarity with Git, continuous integration, and deployment - excellent knowledge of English - problem-solving skills - keen attention to detail