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Span is a global IT company based in Croatia, and our offices are located worldwide - in the United Kingdom, USA, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland. The Span Group currently consists of six business members - Span, Infocumulus, Trilix and BonsAI. The company specializes in providing professional services for the design and development of information systems and technical customer support for business users and large corporate enterprises. More than 25 years of global experience in digital business transformation enabled Span to be recognized on the international market as a reliable and valuable IT partner. As a result, Span's services and solutions are used by the biggest and most successful global companies such as McDonald's, Starbucks and Nando's. Span proactively monitors over 19,500 devices worldwide and we are especially proud of the fact that we’re able to solve problems before our clients are even aware of them. We help users in the digital transformation of their businesses by applying innovative, secure and reliable technological solutions. Span d.d. is rapidly growing and expanding on a yearly basis considering all business parameters. Span group currently employs over 550 people, with that number constantly increasing. Also, our employees are highly skilled, with over 300 of Span’s experts being proud owners of one or more professional certificates in various IT-related areas.


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