PostgreSQL Expert

Infinum d.o.o.

O poziciji

If you have experience with database administration, you’re proactive and ready to identify and resolve database system issues while supporting our developers with SQL performance tuning, we want to meet you!

Minimalne kvalifikacije

- solid understanding of database design principles - minimum 4 years of experience with recent PostgreSQL releases - solid understanding of query execution plans - good SQL scripts skills, including SPs and PSQL scripting - good performance tuning skills - ability to proactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve live database system issues - knowledge of disaster recovery principles and practices, including planning, testing, and backup/restore - hands-on experience with database administration, backup recovery and troubleshooting in distributed environments, replication, and advanced connection pooling - problem-solving skills

Bonus kvalifikacije

- experience with other RDBMSs (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) - prior experience with modern, highly concurrent web application workloads - knowledge of at least one scripting language

Očekivanja od tebe na ovoj poziciji

- regular day-to-day database administration tasks (ensuring optimal DB configuration, monitoring, handling backups, etc.) - handling upgrades, migrations, etc. - setting up DB infrastructure according to the project’s needs (capacity planning, dimensioning, etc.) - ensuring proper security standards are met - reviewing and improving existing infrastructures to adapt to new requirements (performance, reliability, scalability, etc.) - supporting developers with SQL performance tuning - maintaining documentation - keeping up to date with new PostgreSQL releases and features

Zašto je super raditi na ovoj poziciji

We’re on a mission to create digital products that help and empower people. We want to build great technology, but also have fun while doing it. You will be a part of the DevOps team so we asked them to introduce themselves to you. :) We’re a team of 10 DevOps engineers. Our main task is to provide a stable and scalable platform for our applications and ensure our developers can continuously build and deploy new features. We work mostly with web application developers (backend, Java, JavaScript, WordPress, .NET). To achieve this, we rely on Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Sensu, and a whole suite of AWS and Azure services. We like turtles and automatization. We know where the skeletons are buried. We hold the Power of Root at our fingertips. We find a way or make one.