Business Analyst / Software Tester

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This job ad is in English but feel free to write in Croatian!

Are you ready to become all ears in order to completely understand business problems and client’s needs?

You have no problem spending hours with client’s experts to ensure you fully understand the problem and can pinpoint the necessary software solution?

You have such high analytical skills that you effortlessly understand the technical IT side of the project and are then able to perfectly explain client’s requests and needs to the programming team?

You have no problem getting involved in project quality assurance because you fully understand client’s needs?

If you recognize yourself in these questions and are willing to prove it – look no further!

However, if you are data lover crazy about data mining, data analytics and data visualization - don`t go further, click here.

Key responsibilities:

Ensuring the existence of a shared vision for the Product

Keeping in mind User experience while designing software solution

Managing stakeholder's needs, requirements and requests as well as documenting them in a way that's understandable to both business users and the team

Designing and modelling software solutions

A proactive analysis of how changing a process affects organization's processes

Managing the product backlog

Helping the team members to understand what to build and why

Supporting a developmental team by explaining the details of the business processes, requirements and a needed quality of a software solution

Informing stakeholders regarding progress and managing their expectations

Managing a release plan

Defining criteria for a successful delivery

Designing tests in cooperation with users and testing software solution (manually and automated)

Continuously paying attention to the quality of deliveries and processes.

Minimalne kvalifikacije


Knowledge of Croatian and English language

Using agile approach and techniques while designing software solutions

Innovation and a constructive approach to work

Creativity and proposing modern solutions

Precision and patience

Good communication and presentation skills

Being able to independently hold presentations and workshops for customers

Good organizational skills and focus on what is important

Calm and patient handling of problematic situations.

Bonus kvalifikacije

Also desirable:

Understanding methods for managing business processes, requirements, software quality and the whole software development cycle

Experience working with software tools for modelling and processing requests and business processes

Having basic knowledge of programming languages (Java, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, JavaScript and others)

Knowledge of different business domains (financial, public sector…)

Experience with working in similar positions that include designing and programming software solutions.

Zašto je super raditi na ovoj poziciji

What we’re offering:

A chance to work on large and challenging IT projects from different business areas

Working in a young, dynamic and high-quality team of experts

Opportunity for further training, getting certified and improving your business analysis and testing skills

Experience with big development projects for Croatian and international companies and institutions

Introducing you to using the most modern technologies and tools for supporting complex IT system development.