DevOps Engineer

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O poziciji

🔧 Knowing the technical stuff There are a few must-haves for this position. Nothing too complicated, don’t worry! Firstly, we’re looking for someone with a good understanding of Linux system administration and a working knowledge of database administration. Secondly, we’re looking for an engineer with a sound understanding of network architecture such as VPN, SSL, NGINX, DNS, and so on. Lastly, there are a bunch of things we won’t insist on but we do consider them a plus. For example, experience with Docker, Cloud providers like AWS, or familiarity with tools like Ansible. Knowledge of build/release processes and CI/CD systems like GitHub Actions is also good to have. 🗓 Planning, deployment, and maintenance of various software solutions Quality is something we aim for, whether it is a line of code or the whole project. This is why we need someone great working in the background. Your job will be to manage and support our development, tests, and production environments. The position requires some cooperation too! You’ll work with software architects and engineers to assess needs and make recommendations. You’ll also put appropriate infrastructures in place and manage the environments on an ongoing basis. You should have experience with Git, know your way around continuous integration, and be familiar with deployment. 🔎 Other skills Our perfect candidate has more than just technical skills. It’s someone who is good at working with others, enjoys the company of a team, and speaks and understands English well. Your teammates are great to work with and the atmosphere is relaxed so we’re looking for someone who will easily fit in.

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A few things we would love for you to have: - a good understanding of Linux system administration - good working knowledge of database administration - familiarity with Git, continuous integration, and deployment - understanding network architecture, including VPN, SSL, NGINX, DNS, Firewalls, etc. - excellent knowledge of English We give out bonus points for: - experience with Docker - experience with Cloud providers like AWS - knowledge of configuration management/IaC tools like Ansible - knowledge of build/release processes and CI/CD systems such as GitHub Actions